Kite Inn House opened its doors in 2008.

Excellent accommodation at the best point for kite practice in all of Brazil, make Kite Inn House the right choice for your accommodation.

  • The best location
  • The most fantastic points

Over the years we managed to bring two KPL world championships. We have always received great names from national and international kites, such as Guilly Brandão, Suzy May, Tom Court.

But we don't just serve ...

kite customers. The inn is a corner to relax, an extremely familiar environment that caters to guests and families not practicing the sport with great comfort and quality!



Always concerned with your well-being, we equip our Luxury Rooms,Bungalows and Superior Luxury Rooms with the necessary equipment to provide a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Some of our services

* On request, some tours are not carried out directly by the Pousada

Do you have animal
a pet?

Unfortunately we do not yet have the necessary support to take care of your pet, but we will soon!